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Sustainability - Benefits How a Sustainable Supply Chain Can Be Good for Both Planet and Profit

7 November 2019

Footwear News’ Madeleine Streets writes that as concerns about corporate sustainability performance spread across the footwear industry, so too do fears about the associated costs of going green

Raw Materials - Adding to plastic pollution now over 50 million hides are sent to landfill

07 November 2019

In information published by David Peters of DLP Advisors figures on the sending of low grade hides to the landfill are mentioned. These are hides whose cost of processing is higher than their final sales value when partly tanned.

Events - Chemical Management in Leather seminar

07 November 2019

Eurofins | BLC and Eurofins | AQM are offering a free technical seminar on ‘Addressing the Challenges of Chemical Management in the Leather and Textile Industry’, to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on November 22, reports ILM.

UTIC Congress 2021 - Next 21stUITIC Footwear Congress will take place in China in 2021

06 November 2019

China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), has been selected by the UITIC Executive Committee to be in charge of organizing the 21st Congress in China in 2021, on behalf of the UITIC (International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians).

Livestock is not bad for the planet

Mike Redwood | 07 November 2019

It is in such areas that we have seen a near tsunami of articles blaming cattle for climate change. These began in 2006 when the FAO published Livestock’s Long Shadow which looked at the environmental impact of livestock. To maximise the publicity for it the press release chose headlines that argued that livestock’s impact was greater than transport.

With a commercial network spreading over 60 countries around the world and a total turnover of over 140 million euros, the Italian company Silvateam is the world leader in the production, extraction and commercialization of vegetable extracts, tannins and their derivatives.  Today, it is benefitting greatly from the renewed interest in vegetable leather tanning, which had fallen in obsolescence but is now back into favour as it is deemed less harmful and less polluting than chrome tanning. This is a trend cheerfully endorsed by Antonio Battaglia, the company’s Leather Division Director and descendant of the founder.

One of the highlights of the 22nd edition of the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) in Shanghai was the large shared joint booth of the Chinese Henan Prosper and the Spanish company Colomer. The two had been collaborating since 1994, until in 2009 Henan Prosper acquired the finished leather operations of the 100-year old Spanish enterprise and moved their production facilities to China. Today only the trading operations remain in Spain while research and development as well as production all take place in China.

The All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) took place in early September amid the announcement of China’s latest round of retaliatory tariffs toward the US. These new tariffs may mostly affect China’s salted and wet blue hide imports. The continuous escalation of China-US economic and trade frictions have greatly harmed the worldwide economy including the leather industries of China, the US as well as of other countries. However, as always the industry is resilient and optimistic, as expressed by ACLE’s exhibitors who have demonstrated remarkable ingenuity in shouldering the crisis.

China’s leading international event for the leather industry wrapped up another successful edition, its 22nd, on 5 September 2019. 1,056 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions were joined by more than 23,300 visitors in Shanghai from 3 - 5 September. Over 20,000 buyers were from the major manufacturing provinces in China. The fair covered 92,000 sqm and 8 halls of the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC).