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MENA's Largest Eco-industrial Leather Cluster.

The Robbiki Leather Cluster is an integrated industrial cluster, reciprocating around the tanning and leather industry sectors, with a total area of ​​about 6841800 2,125,200 square meters. With three distinctive and interconnected phases covering the leather industry manufacturing value chain and its by-products, the Robbiki Leather Cluster is one of the most important national projects in Egypt.

It is the largest Eco-Industrial cluster specialised in the leather industry in the Middle East and Africa. In accordance with international standards and regulations, it represents a one of a kind project and hub in the Middle-East and Africa.

The cluster of Robbiki incorporates a modern management model encompassing specialized industrial, administrative, green and services zones.

About Egypt

A fast growing economy, a strong leather sector and positive demographic predictors mean that Egypt is a prime market. Egypt is a country of 100 million people with a GDP of over USD 336 billion and a rising growth rate.  According to Standerd Chartered, Egypt is on course to become one of the world’s leading10 economies by 2030. Egyptian companies have tariff-free access to 62 markets around the world and tanned leather exports per year are valued at 14 million USD Egyptian while Egyptian leather products import per year are valued at 200 million USD. You can learn more on the Egyptian market facts and figures through downloading your own copy of Egypt fact sheet.