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Why visit a leather show in Egypt?

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is a hugely important growth area for the global economy, including leather industries, and Cairo is at its axis. The launch of PALF will provide the industry with one-stop sourcing across the leather supply chain from raw and crust to finished leathers, chemicals, dyes, tanning machinery, components and support services.

Egypt is the key industrial hub for the MEA region. Its geographic position between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as its advanced transport infrastructure, makes it a strategic location for an international event in the region. Egypt is forecast by Standard Chartered Bank to become the 7th largest global economy by 2030, and its leather industry is matching the pace of such industrial development. The Robikki Leather City is set to become the sector’s leading cluster in the region.

Leather industry growth

Africa is fast emerging as one of the most promising markets for sourcing semi-finished leather and hides for the global leather industry. The export of leather ranks highly as an important commodity in many African countries.

PALF will also organize seminars and conferences on topical subjects of interest to the global industry to provide participants with technical, industrial and educational information that may be useful when taking business decisions.